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The European Council and European Parliament on 30/11 this year a compromise was reached on the regulation of passenger rights in buses and coaches.

The agreement must still be formally adopted by these two agencies so that the rules would apply.
The text provides that the rules apply to all regular services of more than 250 km and leaving even a set of rules will apply to regular services on a smaller distance in which case rights will be provided as follows in connection with:
* Access to transport for persons with disabilities; 
* Non-discrimination and the handling of complaints; 
* Compensation for loss of or damage to wheelchairs; 
* The information to be provided on passenger rights and during the journey; 
* The requirement for carriers to staff in respect of persons with disabilities; 
* Introducing a mechanism for handling complaints.
An exception regime, which can be renewed once, will be granted for certain services of regular services with countries outside the European Union and national services of regular services in general.
Occasional services are subject to the rules on compensation and assistance in accidents, and the rules on compensation for loss or damage to mobility equipment, but not the other provisions.
FBAA , no NK 1368 – 17/12/2010

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