The Bus & Coach site is the journal of the Bus industry, a portal for  Bus and Coach Operators and tour operators.
It is free published and is aimed at everyone involved in the field of common carriage of passengers by road: the world of buses and coaches and the world of group tourism.Buszone wants to release the ball and chooses his subjects to the current situation and of what binds and captivates his audience. 

Buszone is produced by professional journalists who are familiar with the sector and eye and ear for people and events that are important and their target audience firmly interested.

The site includes regular features, but plays through interviews, roundtables, one-time items and files as easily on facts and conditions which the industry directly or indirectly involved.

Buszone seeks a lively contact after the members, is open to their responses and make room for advertisers on their way, a message like to address the sector of the bus and caro entrepreneurs and the world of travel and tour guides.

For detailed information about busses and coaches we’ve created the Buszone Backoffice. The interactive Backoffice is useful to post your news, up and -download files, use the forum and read classified information.

A question, a proposal? They are caught on quickly and efficiently

The Buszone editors

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